I am now 35 years old. What can I say? It feels good. Something about this time of year is just simply energizing for me. Spring is usually a sort of rebirth, a time during which I crave being outside, desire the interaction missing from the hibernation of the winter months. We had a rough winter; lots of snow and ice, more so than I remember in recent years.

Today I am feeling radiant, wearing a bright blue off the shoulder shirt, red patent leather shoes, tight jeans. My hair is loose and I got these gypsy earrings working some magic for me. Creative energy is in abundance and I have a million little thoughts running through my mind. There are places I am inspired to see, photographs I’m inspired to take, art I’m tempted to make. I love this side of myself; the driving, passionate, creative side of me that is in one word: Inspired.

As I drove this morning to work I counted my blessings. I thought about all the ways I have been blessed. I have an incredible family, wonderful friends that care deeply for me, an amazing man by my side soon to be my husband and a happy home. I am healthy and capable of making good decisions. I am, in short, quite happy with my life; absolutely content. Sure I get wrapped up in small things here and there, get snagged on the winds of discontent but ultimately this ship is sea-worthy.

I have been lucky in a lot of ways but I’ve also had to make some choices along the way to get me where I am today. I have tried as much as possible never to compromise my dreams, never to stagnate and always to move forward in a positive direction. Sometimes perspective is everything.