World Between Worlds

Painting by Howard David Johnson

The dream was so vivid that even as I drove to work I could see the bright, golden glow emanating from what must have been Titania herself. The dream started out simply enough. Rob and I went out to dinner to this new restaurant. It was a cozy place, dark wooden floors, Venetian plaster walls, plush velvet couches with low tables where guests talked and sipped cocktails. As we were waiting to be seated I saw my friend J sitting on one of the couches wearing brilliant red lipstick that looked almost like liquid enamel. She looked like some kind of fantastic and rare bird which is unusual since she tends to wear very little make up and is generally low key when it comes to fashion.

I approached her and said hello and was introduced to her two very interesting companions. One of them a tall and beautiful woman dressed provocatively in latex and a man, whom she introduced as her husband. In real life J has been single for years now. She has thrown herself very deeply into her work and hasn’t dated in some time. She then flashed her wedding ring and it was bedazzling to behold. I stared at it for a long time. Three gigantic diamonds shone almost to the point of blinding me. I suppose this is what is often referred to as “faerie glamour.” Just as I felt so drawn by the sparkle that I might lose myself completely Rob called me over. We were about to be seated.

We ate our dinner and then had a few drinks by the bar which was carved out of some magnificently dark wood. Figures, faces, overwrought leaves created an ornate frieze along the counter. Again, mesmerized I stared at the details as Rob and I spoke. Then, somehow I lost track of Rob entirely. I found myself walking around the restaurant with a drink in my hand wondering where he’d gone into. I was wearing a black dress, heels and an antique key necklace. I walked to the back passing J and her entourage to see if I could find Rob. Nothing. I searched the entire place and upon not finding him became very worried.

I went upstairs to the roof and that is when I saw him. He was clinging for his life trying to climb back up to the roof. He was being chased by a man that looked elfin…not quite real. I sensed that we were in extreme danger. I helped Rob onto the roof as I narrowly avoided being slashed by this man’s white, glinting knife. We both ran from him, frantically. Back downstairs we couldn’t find the door out. It seemed no one was helping us; like no one was aware of the black-clad killer trying to murder us. I kept opening doors that led into more and more rooms.

Then I saw it…the door of light. I snatched the key from my neck and used it to open this radiant door. I urged Rob to get in then realized that someone would have to close the door behind us. I called out to J’s friend as I entered the room. I asked her to please lock the door behind me and she laughed. She intended to let our pursuer through. I pleaded with her then climbed back out to close it for Rob and some others who had also made their way through the door.

Just then a woman appeared. The faery queen herself…her body shone brilliantly, her hair was like diamonds. She was pure glamour. Her radiance sent the latex wearing woman cowering. She smiled at me and took my key. She stroked my hair. “I will close the door. You’ve earned this,” she said. I didn’t think twice. I jumped into the room and watched as the other world  disappeared with the closing of the door.

In a brief instant the darkness became light and I could see sunlight. I was in an abandoned room. I saw as Rob climbed out of a window and I followed. I emerged in a city street somewhere familiar and that is when I knew I could get home from there.