O shadowed void, O heartless hate
What slice of heaven must I forsake?
For dewy kisses upon lips, or feathery caresses along my skin?
What senseless fantasies you inspire,
What desperate symmetry does this fire require?

O darkened wood, O moon-lit lake
What must I do to quench this loveless ache?
Between my thighs, my bosomĀ  heaves with longing to partake,
To savor the wicked pleasures of the night
To bite, to feed, to fly, to free the light that you ignite

O recite those words I yearn to hear
As your blood flows like ruby tears
Tonight you’re mine, a sweet delight
Beneath these waves I’ll hold you tight,
Devour your soul, your dreams, your fears
Like the eloquent music of the spheres,
We become a velvet, sorrowed tune
Beneath the yellow, bright-eyed, jealous moon
Your loss of life flows down my throat
Slacked with thirst…

I am so cursed!

O senseless Strife, a lonesome plea
Please I beg you! Darkness flee! Leave me be!
Let him not die, by all the good that’s left in me!
I defy this lustful burning, I renounce this wicked yearning!
Let this fog upon my mind disperse!

Your body glows, your flesh so pure
How much of this can I endure?
I close my eyes, clutching you close,
Clinging to your blessed warmth

O shadowed void, O heartless hate
Lend this angel in my arms a different fate
O darkened wood, O moon-lit lake
With this incantation my life-force break
O recite those words I yearn to hear
Open your eyes my love, my death is near
I fade, I twist, I howl in pain
I lick and lap your gushing vein,
Becoming blackness, the whispers of the sea
O senseless Strife, I beg you hear my lonesome plea
Returning me to the withered banshee,
That ghostly maiden who loves thee
A creature who dwells only…
In your memory