At Cecil’s

Reflections, champagne colored hallucinations
Notes, bass, drum, a distorted synchopation
Candlelight, sparkling glass
Dazzling lips, legs crossed at the jazz club
Friday night at Cecil’s
Driving fast
Switch Back
“I love you.” Pulling you close, wanting
You feel so delicious and we look so good together
Mind wandering, humm a tune
Chardonay kisses, looking beautiful
Feeling the moment
Meaningful conversations with you
Under my skin
Wanting nothing and more
Wine please, another glass
Close my darkened eyes
Music, blissful music, notes
Record this memory
A man making love to his guitar
I feel alive
Lit up in the glow
Love me, why not?
Anything is possible
I want you and more…wine
More jazz
More evenings just like this one!
Quartet outside wearing fedoras
Remind me of you