Cinco de Mayo

Last night was amazing! Yup. Amazing. There were three things on my immature agenda cause I’m an irresponsible DINK! Sex. Drinking. Gaming. Talk about juvenile right? I must say that my plan went off without a hitch! I love dressing up, creating some drama, putting on some heels, giving Rob the camera and posing for him. Fun and games, why not! Hot pink rubber stockings, fishnet shirt, blood red lipstick…mmm.

I’m a bit of a freak, I won’t deny it. Who needs sane anyway? Who needs another conservative woman? I mean, don’t we have enough?  I love having the freedom to come downstairs naked at midnight and cook dinner after raiding (Yes, if you weren’t aware I play WoW). I’ve been playing WoW for years. I’m prone to misbehave. This morning I was racing a Porsche turbo, he dusted me but not before I gave him a run for his money. Hit 130. I was late. Had some more sex, I blame Rob! The road was empty. Can’t deny, I’ve just been turned on! Cheers.