Easter is for Bunnies

I find myself thinking about my life, and fate and destiny and how all those things I thought were purely coincidental begin to make sense in an almost uncanny way. Very interesting people have crossed my path, then again, is there such a thing as an uninteresting human being? I don’t think so. Well, I keep on finding that I develop attractions (not necessarily sexual) and connections between myself and others…naturally. I think I tend to focus on the qualities in others that I like, and oftentimes that makes the other person feel good. That is not to say that I am dishonest, I just don’t harp on people’s negative traits, unless of course those traits are so large that they would impede me from making a connection at all. Anyhow those are not the type of people I’m talking about. I often have positive reactions which lead me to interact with these people, friends, if you will, in a magical way. The ebb and flow of destiny and the way it works within all of our lives is fascinating.

I imagine that life is all about the connections that we make. The bridges we cross, the roads we burn, and the paths that grow thick with weeds until many years later they are used again and forever remain familiar. There are connections between everyone and everyone else. -DF sent me a little diagram of connections that he saw happening within a group of friends and it was interesting to note everyone’s role and how each person affected each other. Kind of like love triangles I suppose. Someone always loves someone who is loved

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” ~ John 3:16 ~ by someone else, who is in turn loved by someone who falls in love with the person that loves you. It goes on and on. Three is an unhappy number and triangles suck. Anyway, that’s not the moral of the story. The story is that everyone has a story that indirectly or directly affects your own, and likewise, your story would not be known unless you shared it with another person. Don’t you get the feeling that there are many different people and many varying stories on the same theme: you? Each person knows a little bit…little details here and there…and what they know probably differs greatly from what another person knows and so on and so forth. If you could put everyone who has ever met you, significant others or otherwise into a large room and give them two minutes to describe you or a situation they experienced with you, what

do you think they would say? At the end of the night, what opinion would a panel of strangers have of you? Would you be deemed a good person or a bad person? Manipulative or helpful? Considerate or disturbed? A sex pot or an iceberg (not lettuce)? What would all the people I know say about me? I think I have a pretty good idea, and not all things said would be peachy :) but hey, that’s all part of it: being aware. Being aware of your effect o others and others’ effect on you is very important…your life and the story of your life depends on it. Who will know you when you are old? Who will stay by your side and go the length of the road to know you, the complete you?

I look around and I only see a few people that will be there. While my life is being enriched by the new people I meet, only time will tell.

We forge bridges to new lands, hoping to find freedom there, but instead we often find swampy terrain. On the other hand, the most unkept bridge can lead us to lands filled with sunshine and laughter. Sometimes it is necessary to look back and see what has been left behind so as not to repeat it in another, foreign land. All these bridges that connect us must not be overlooked. Burning a bridge is always bad, it is a sign that the connection was meaningless, and there’s no joy in meaninglessness. I don’t know where these new bridges may lead or if the old ones will become overgrown and unused, but, one thing is certain all my bridges, large and small lead to my heart, and that is a vast land indeed.

I would like to wish all of you a happy Easter or Ishtar, whichever one you choose to worship. Get me an Easter Egg you won’t regret it :) and enjoy the fruits of Spring while there is still time. We are not getting any younger *wink*

Peace, love and happiness.

[learn_more caption=”What’s New”] Well, Easter is around the corner and you all know how much I love bunnies. Want to make me happy? Get me an Easter egg. :) I wait all year and then, finally, Cadbury puts out those yummy delicious milk chocolate Easter Eggs. One time I bought 12 of them and ate one every month. Crazy huh? Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to explore the totally pagan rituals of Easter (read on…) Oh, before I forget, for those of you using Netscape Browsers, I am correcting the overlaps slowly but surely. Again, I should know better…sorry about that.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Dyed Eggs”] Dyed eggs figured in the rites of the ancient Babylonian mystery religions. Eggs were sacred to many ancient civilisations and formed an integral part of religious ceremonies in Egypt and the Orient. Dyed eggs were hung in Egyptian temples, and the egg was regarded as the emblem of regenerative life proceeding from the mouth of the great Egyptian god. Babylonian legends tell of an egg which fell from heaven to the Euphrates and hatching the Venus goddess Ishtar.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”About Easter”] The word “Easter” was derived from “Ishtar” the ancient pagan goddess of the Babylonian and Assyrian cultures, also known to the Phoenicians as “Astarte” – one of the titles of Beltis the queen of heaven – the wife of the sungod Baal. Both “Ishtar” and “Astarte” are pronounced the same as “Easter” today. Beltis or Bel was also known as Molech, and is referred to in the Old Testament. I Kings 11:1-11 records Solomon’s sacrifices to Molech and it’s consequences. 10 other Old Testament references to Bel or Molech can be accessed below.[/learn_more]