Going Down

Steel upon steel, a terrible clanging in my ears,
The blood that rushes, drawing near
This horrid symphony, a maelstrom of fear,
Strands that stretch, that flow, from fingertips,
Of brilliant white, curving endlessly, coiling and snapping
Vines of pure energy

I fall, I twirl, from these great heights
An acrobat in wingless flight
Your gentle grace recaptures me,
Brings me gently to my feet
No harm done, nothing broken,
There are words best left unspoken

There are lessons I’ve yet to learn, I can’t have it all
Limitations make me bold, but all that glitters is not gold
And so I bow, I take a stand, I smile, I wist, top hat in hand
This is not the place for me, spare me the reverie
The contemplations of a peaceful soul
Give me the storm, the twisted anger of the forlorn
Come away! Right this way!

To the very top, to lofty heights I will mislead you
A seventh heaven, a paradise of bliss, a kiss before
We leap in this abyss, flying higher, higher, soaring
To the sun, a joyous dance, this is it, take a chance

We climb, we climb in the blinding warm-filled light,
Thriving, swirling with delight, shunning lessons,
Fears, inhibitions and insecurities held so dear
As we sadly watch our wax wings melt and disappear

Dripping, sinking, drop by drop
We’re losing speed and falling fast
We flew too high, we burned too bright
And will not win against the Light!

I fall, I twirl, from these great heights
An acrobat in wingless flight
For the cold embrace
Of Night