In awe!

My soul is with these people. I wish that I was there right now to share in the joy. I had lost so much hope in this country, watched for eight sad years as our liberties were stripped away; as we became filled with hubris as a nation and nearly lost all of our international credibility. I’ve cried in rage against a system that has waged illegal war and lied to us time and time again. I have no words to describe just how far the Bush administration has pushed me to the brink of despair.

My parents left a country back in 1983 that was my home. They brought me here, to America, to enjoy basic freedoms that didn’t exist where I was born. They brought me here to give me choice, opportunity, a way to thrive, to live and express myself. This was no easy sacrifice for them. We left everything we held dear including family. We left with the clothes on our back. My father worked three jobs to see his dream through, it nearly broke him, the pressures of being an immigrant, an outsider with a family to feed, but he did it. He pushed, he worked hard. I was the first person in my family to go to college, to become educated; successful. Through the years I’ve seen this country turn, warp and twist itself into a seven headed dragon. My father who has worked so hard to see that my brother and I become educated is jobless, my mother can barely make enough to cover her health insurance bills.

While I am eternally grateful to be here and call myself an American, I can’t deny that America, or what America symbolizes has become an abstract. The American dream diminishes every day, becoming less and less attainable; a hazy mirage in our subconscious. Our economy is in shambles. People are losing their homes or becoming homeless when they can’t pay their medical bills. Soldiers are dying in a far away land in a war made up of lies and designed to reap gigantic profits for the few. Our education standards are falling behind and will fail us in the near future if we don’t change them. Someone right now is being tortured in a dank corner somewhere, possibly even a citizen of this country with no legal recourse.

While I am doing my best to reign in expectation I can’t help but wonder what will come. What Obama symbolizes for me is our desire as a people to change course! We, collectively have had enough of the knuckle draggers that have taken that dream away from us. This glimmer of hope, this fleeting joy is ours to enjoy and relish. I have faith that Obama won’t steer us wrong. I believe in him and this day is my day to breathe and rejoice along with millions in this country and around the world. This moment proves that bigotry, hatred, prejudice and ignorance does not prevail.