Siren Song

Lightning cracks across the sky
Sound of splintered wood
Pitched and high the Siren’s song
That rises through the night

Delightful music to his ears
A synecdoche for fear
This siren nymph with voice so clear
As he clutches for his fragile life

Amidst white-capped waves his vessel nears
Assuréd horrors of the deep
And as if by some errant strand of fate
His barque is dashed upon the rocks

Many moons do come and go
As he slumbers peacefully
Kept warm by fire’s glow
In a cave close by the sea

He awakens to a sight to see! An apparition!
A pale maiden, hair spun of gold
Rubicund cheeks and, alas, behold!
Her eyes…Cold and limitless

So deep…

Could it be She?
Who tore the ship asunder?
Who drinks misery
And blood and strife
Who fills men’s blood with vice!!!?

Close your eyes
My brave young Knight
And drink from this chalice
Regain thy might

NO! Keep thy distance
Thy fairy glamor, and spells of mist
I will not sip elixirs of your making
I will not stop this wicked aching…

Sea Witch! Demon! My Defiler!

Clutching true, and holding fast
Her sculptured neck he seizes
Snuffing out her world’s bright light
He takes her life, her sin, her blight

Lightning cracks across the sky
Sound of splintered wood
And sinking down, holding her still
He hums a mournful tune