Love Letter *.VBS is Evil

Yesterday was a truly hellish day for anyone who received the VBS Worm virus Love Letter in their inbox. There weren’t fixes for this thing until well past noon and most of the anti-virus companies that did have updates were totally down due to the massive traffic to their sites. This virus was truly nasty and I don’t think I will forget it anytime soon. It basically took over my computer replicating itself through ten or twelve different file types, including JPG’s and MP3’s, rendering much of my data useless. It attacked Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer sending itself automatically to every single person in my address book (not making me very popular or anyone else for that matter). It recycled itself hundreds of times within the company for hours as people unwittingly opened their attachments. It also replaced the Internet Explorer default home page with a URL pointing to a site that downloads and runs a second virus (Trojan) that steals all your password files and sends them to the creator. It’s love that gets you in the end.

“Move out man! Life is fleeting by. Do something worthwhile, before you die. Leave behind a work sublime, that will outlive you and time.” –Alfred A. Montepert


No one has the power to put you down except yourself. Zak was talking about shedding his skin every so often and I like the idea…going somewhere, doing things that are totally unlike you, experiencing a situation as if for the first time and then writing about it…analyzing and ultimately learning from it. I think this weekend I will do that…just let myself be…talk to new people, interact in ways I haven’t for so long. Time to be more social. It’s true, if I say I’m isolated, I’m creating that reality for myself. Brick by brick my own words are closing in on me and I’m burying myself alive. Even if I don’t feel it I should learn to smile, because once I do I begin to believe it. I need to focus on myself, on things that I want to do…things that are important to me. Life has gotten simpler. I only need to worry about myself. Not that I would mind sharing my life with another, but seeing as how that is not a possibility right now, I should seek to know and be happy with myself.

I think I have been granted lots of talents and gifts and I shouldn’t squander that with constant insecurities. I should just be…I should just shine. I tend to be my own worst enemy. I’m the first to put myself down. I have to realize that there are people that care and that want me to be well. There are people out there that worry about me and have me in their thoughts. I have to open my eyes and know that life doesn’t revolve around one person. Our time here is limited. Practically nothing…why spend it depressed when I can spend it feeling in harmony with the universe.

I am going to cut this short for today because I want to upload other sections of the website. Have a great weekend everyone and try not to get bitten by the “LOVE Bug.”

[learn_more caption=”What’s New?”] I was at work until past midnight yesterday dealing with the computer virus crisis that hit us. I’ve never experienced a more vicious virus. Ironic that it should be called I Love You. Story of my life. Anyway, whoever the asshole is…in the Philippines I hear…go FUCK yourself! Prick! [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”PETER COCHRANE”] “There is no such thing as security. It is a dream. Security is not an absolute quantity, only a relative commodity. The reality is that most security failures are down to human fallibility: bribery and corruption. Granted, electronic break-ins are on the increase, but so is the theft of entire machines. And how is this so different from the world of paper? Well, only in its scale and apparent visibility. In contrast to modern technology, entire legal systems stand or fall by pen and ink; the human signature is legally binding and held as proof. It is also one of the easiest things to forge. Paper money, gold and silver are easy to steal, but require physical action that is visible. Electronic crime, on the other hand, can introduce new dimensions of reach, scale and anonymity.”[/learn_more]