There are a lot of different interpretations about the end of times but one in particular says that when the rapture comes, all the believers in Jesus Christ will immediately ascend to the heavens. That is, they will mysteriously vanish in thin air and be reunited with the creator. Believing as I do, that all things are possible in a quantum universe made of energy, there is no reason at all that this can’t happen. However, will it happen tomorrow? I think not.

We have been through this many times. Prediction after prediction has hailed the end of times and we are still here. This morning on the way to work  Andrei and I were theorizing what people would do if they truly knew the world was ending. It was a pretty funny conversation. Steal some cars, rape some women, orgy maybe? No, orgy most certainly! It brings up the idea of why people aren’t doing the things they really want right now. Why wait till the world ends to commit some sins? Why not live life everyday as if it were your last? Is it our fear of legal repercussion and incarceration really all that stops us from being rotten human beings? I’d like to think not but I think for a good many people it does come down to this.

What am I planning to do tomorrow night? Well…I have been invited to a RAPTURE party at Micah’s house where surely the wine will flow. I am not beyond succumbing to a little sensationalism. Hey, if the world ends, I won’t care. I’ll be grinning my ass off with a glass of good wine in hand.

Do I have regrets? Sure but I am willing to wager my regrets are far fewer than some people I know. I have seen a lot and lived a lot and for that I am grateful. Every day for me is a revelation. Perhaps that is because of my hyperactive imagination but I truly do feel I am living a bit of a charmed existence. Beauty is all around us if we care to look.

Last Saturday Rob and I went to Dances of Vice and I must say it was a bit of a disappointment. Other than meeting a few interesting people it was nowhere near as fun as some of the other events I’ve attended in the past. The most hilarious thing was my heel falling off my shoe and watching Rob in full Victorian gear trying to remove the sole of the shoe so I wouldn’t stab myself with the screws. It was great to sit outside and take in the lovely night and just talk. Was an interesting experience to walk through Spanish Harlem wearing a crazy throwback outfit and top hats.

Sunday I hung out in the city and had a great time. I have to say that Andrei is really fun and somewhat addictive. I love being nerdy and having someone to talk design with. We talked about everything under the sun and finished off with a couple of beers at the Olive Tree which was just awesome. I love the fact that we come from similar backgrounds and can laugh at the multitude uses for sodium bicarbonate. If you haven’t grown up poor you just have no idea! We agree on so many things. I guess you could say we are a kindred spirits of a sort. We both despise high maintenance people and hell, we’re both low maintenance ourselves. There is a certain comfort to him that I really like. Everyone has been teasing me about him which I find totally amusing. Even Rob has jumped on that bandwagon but it doesn’t bother me. :P  Me, I am very happy go lucky and really enjoy the interaction so… c’est la vie. Should I even be talking about him? I’m not worried. Who reads this blog anyway? Who am I writing for? Definitely not you!

What else? I’ve been kicking my own ass at the gym. In fact I am in serious pain at the moment. When breathing hurts you know you’ve gotten a great workout! LOL. I went again today and feel somewhat better. In about seven weeks I’ve lost 8 pounds and I’m super happy about this. I’ve been milling around some ideas in my head about different opportunities and feel a bit overwhelmed seeing as how I’m doing a lot. Either way, there is joy in “doing” for me. I can’t sit still and watch the world go by. I need to “do” and I am definitely striving to achieve at the moment. I love when I get into those mental modes where my brain starts assessing and processing all the calculations. On some level I am upset that my writing has been suffering a bit but I feel that at this moment the thinking is part of the doing. I am at the edge of something big–I feel it. Besides I’ve been writing almost non stop for nearly a year and need a break. I love my coauthor to death and I am so happy he understands me! Thank you Micah. You are awesome.

OMG I am watching the Matrix Revolutions and I must say…the Merovingian gets me every time. I think it’s his accent! Don’t even get me going on Monica Belucci. God…she’d be the one woman to make me a lesbian. Something about that woman!!!

Wow well I’m all over the place. It happens. *giggle*

Tomorrow Rob will be in Totowa with the ASPCA. He’s been volunteering for a while now and loves it. He loves working with animals and this allows him to make a difference which is great. I will most likely pass by and hang out with the cat truck and play with the kittens right after the 11am boxing class. If I can get in a 4th workout this week that would be pretty great.

On Wednesday we had a small get together at my place and polished off a few bottles of wine between friends. It was cool to gather on a weekday for no other reason than for good conversation. Jason and Desi, Micah, Tara, Lawrence, Carmy and my mom came over and hung out till around eleven. It was fun to chill and I’m hoping now that it’s summer we can have more of that. We had the outdoor deck enclosed and it came out great. We turned it into a bit of a harem with a huge Lovesac and throw pillows. It’s a great space to write and hang with friends.

So shit, if for whatever reason the world does end I am not only ready but glad that I have such wonderful friends and family around me. I am truly blessed. Good night.