Obsolete Self

cyberspace /si:’br-spays`/ /n./ 1. Notional `information-space’ loaded with visual cues and navigable with brain-computer interfaces called `cyberspace decks’; a characteristic prop of cyberpunk science fiction. Serious efforts to construct virtual reality interfaces modeled explicitly on Gibsonian cyberspace are under way, using more conventional devices such as glove sensors and binocular TV headsets. Few hackers are prepared to deny outright the possibility of a cyberspace someday evolving out of the network (see network, the). 2. The Internet or Matrix (sense #2) as a whole, considered as a crude cyberspace (sense 1). Although this usage became widely popular in the mainstream press during 1994 when the Internet exploded into public awareness, it is strongly deprecated among hackers because the Internet does not meet the high, SF-inspired standards they have for true cyberspace technology. Thus, this use of the term usually tags a wannabee or outsider. 3. Occasionally, the metaphoric location of the mind of a person in hack mode. Some hackers report experiencing strong eidetic imagery when in hack mode; interestingly, independent reports from multiple sources suggest that there are common features to the experience. In particular, the dominant colors of this subjective `cyberspace’ are often gray and silver, and the imagery often involves constellations of marching dots, elaborate shifting patterns of lines and angles, or moire patterns.[/learn_more]

We are bombarded by technology. It washes through us, flooding our senses, clouding our clarity. A world full of gadgets. They say the average “wired” homo-sapien spends eleven hours online. I guess I’m above average. I’m an addict…a computer junky trying to find a way to merge my brain with this box at my feet. I believe it’s called a PC. We’ve come a long way baby! This electronic world is hyper real. My ears are accustomed to the hum of the fan, spinning cooling the Intel processor… processing 500Mhz three times over. They say, the great writers, that we will be replaced, that the future doesn’t need us. They say paper computers are on their way, that holographic storage technology will reinvent and revolutionize the computer industry twice over, that machines will continue to get smarter and smarter until they build other machines. That is already happening. I work doing this technology thing. I’m one of those people interested in the technology news…in the catalogs filled with the coolest, fastest gadgets…so bulky when I look at them…square boxes with chips in them…no more or no less anachronistic than the tube television sets that looked like fish tanks, or the chrome toasters of the fifties. I look at this stuff and I see the past…vast warehouses filled with clunky CD ROMS and burners, where the fifty year olds will wind up to try and retrieve those really hi-res digital photos they took back in 2000, or the playstation games…very similar to the antiquated Pac-Mans of yesterday. CDs last thirty years in top conditions…but that’s not gonna be the real problem. I remember the computer ads years ago (not too long ago) with the 24meg harddrives. I remember hearing that the 286 was being replaced by a 386…more processing power than anyone would ever need, more file storage than your average mainframe. Wow, and a whopping 4megs of RAM…lightning fast! Well we all know things are going to get better and smaller (see Charmed Technology: Affordable, wearable internet technology co-founded by Katrina Barillova a former Czechoslovakian special agent) Advances are moving so fast, yet sooo incredibly slow. Are we made more aware through our technology? Maybe. Are things easier and more efficient? Maybe. Is that better? Probably not. Sitting in the bus, or the ferry, or just walking down the street, I hear the familiar rings of cell phones. Some play classical tunes embarrassing their owners to no end as they scramble to answer. We are working longer hours because of our technology. When we leave work we are still connected, still on call. Technology imprisons us in so many ways, making us dependent whereas before we were self-sufficient. Now the idea of self sufficient is a credit card and a cell phone with internet access. We feel like we’re impregnable–creatures of the big metropolis….untouchable, crafty, like we’ve figured it all out. I stare at this screen for hours. Go home and stare at it some more as I keep in touch with friends in distant places. Then, when I don’t want to stare at the screen I pick up the phone and dial. Technology has drained our patience. It has led to a life as seen through an MTV music video with snippets of sound, blurbs, and fast cuts…and faster still…until our mind has learned to assimilate less for more. Good? Maybe. No one knows what effect all this speed will have on our species? How we will be changed by the saturation of all this information, floating radio waves, microwaves, industrialization, pollution, prolonged exposure to screens, sitting idly for hours on end, eating genetically altered foods, working longer…etc. Maybe what the children of the year 3000 will read (if that still exists…if we still exist) in their textbooks will be shocking. You can never tell of course until many years later as one generation looks back and discovers the social, emotional, cultural and psychological implications of the technology. I feel like my daily life is affected extensively by the technologies I use. I feel affected greatly by the technologies I choose to reject. I have been molded, like many people my age by television and the internet…less so maybe because I grew up in a rural space where very little information trickled down to us. Even so…I feel extremely affected. To this day I’m very wary of cell phones and pagers, and for a long time I fought the idea of being accessible. I saw it as an invasion of my privacy. If I wasn’t home I didn’t want people know where I was. I didn’t want to feel obligated to return phone calls or be reproached by friends when I didn’t. It’s silly. While I see the uses of a cell phone I think I can live without it. Time is very important to me. Precious in fact…and I don’t know if with the advancement of technology we’ve gained more time. Hard to tell.

Last night I went to bed at nearly 6AM. I am so incredibly exhausted right now. My eyes are burning and I have that slightly nervous feeling that you get when you drink too much coffee. I’m supposed to meet some friends tonight and I’m thinking it twice. This whole week I’ve missed out on lots of sleep. I was online until 3AM then talked on the phone until 6. It was all worth it…I’m just sooo tired. Tomorrow I’m heading to the city with Robert and getting myself silk-screening supplies. I have this idea for t-shirts that I want to print to try and raise money for my site. I also want to sell limited prints of selected photographs I’ve taken. For all of you who don’t know it yet…a while back I setup a darkroom in my kitchen (a small fantasy of mine), so I plan to be working hard these coming weeks. Being alone does have its benefits. You don’t need to share yourself with anyone and can totally focus. Oh, by the way…speaking of technology, check out FinalThoughts.com a website that specializes in storing all the details of your will and post mortem messages that you write in life to be delivered after you’re dead. What we’re looking at here is undead e-mail people. In the future you may get funny e-mail in the morning from your long-dead family member. Insane.

Ok. That’s all folks. Asta Mañana.

[learn_more caption=”What’s New?”] It’s Friday!!! The internet will cause us to grow bigger brains…we will evolve into a completely idle race that is totally dependent on its technology. Isn’t that the case now? I’m burnt need more sleep. *yawn*[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Cyberspace”] “Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding.” –William Gibson (in Neuromancer )