People In Motion Without Emotion

Slightly singed, angels in wonder
Scraps of paper crumpled in my pocket
I don’t care where I am going
I’m just walking, crying, burning
Boundaries broken, if it’s all the same to you
I’ll just keep on walking
Dreaming of what we might have had
Today is a different day
And I want different things
And I’m kicking and screaming and
Just want to feel wanted
I just want to feel wanted
So basic, so pure
Just endure

I look back at the long road of my needs
And it’s littered with pot holes and wrong turns
I accept less than what I deserve
Every day

Tell myself I am gonna drink and get drunk
Am I loved and not desired?
When will it change? Will it ever?
I do, I do, I do, but I won’t
I will probably find another man

I don’t want to hurt you but I do
Pound and tear into you, I resent you
For ignoring me day by day until I’m hungry
Rabid, begging, pleading for your love
I don’t feel much like a woman, not your woman
Just someone who buys groceries and
Feeds cats and walks around your home
Someone you eat with and sometimes sleep with
Most of the time not even in the same bed

You fall asleep by the television
And I need you so badly and don’t know you
We’re people in motion without emotion
My passion seeps out of me with every stroke
Of these keys, a limitless ocean, upon a limitless screen
And I am slowly dying

Doing the same things
And not meaning them
Saying the words
And not feeling them

I love you.