Dimming, falling, closing, screaming, taking this personally
It’s been a lovely day, everything going my way
Pick up the pieces, broken, shattered ego, to think you had me
Even for a moment? Pining, begging, wanting, longing?
Laughing maniacally, a strange little girl hiding in the closet
Dancing, arms flailing, kicking, groaning, anachronistic idealist
Too fast! Do it to me slow, trace your suffering on my thighs
Embrace me with your dispassionate detachment
Fuck me with your instrumental chorus of inadequacy
I’m going to run, to disappear, to fly so high and steer my passions
Into your fears, puzzling generalities provoking this lack of care
Ooops I’ve dropped you, hate to break it to you but it’s out of my control
Shoot me from my bad side! Spread me wide and kill my pride!
Self indulgent, self destructive, scratch my name with sharpened objects
Writing poems about sex and cheating, my loyalty has me beating my fists
Against the grain, nails ripping splinters, might bleed to death if this persists
And here you are the perfect fit, making me weep, I can shuffle, cut and deal
But I can’t seem to feel your empty promises, shedding this skin
Fuck! I’ll give you anything if you could understand, where have you been???
Growing weaker, sinking fast, drowning with my eyes downcast
Sliding down, sitting, knees to my chin, feel too much, feel too deep
I make no sense, my head spinning, grinning, painful, invincible
Loosing control, my eyes are now closed and my veins are all showing
Channel your anger through me, just an ordinary broken heart
I want all the details of the pain and misery
Walk all over me