Pool Boy

I feel a fool as I kneel beneath the moon
Gazing too deep into this crystal pool
My reflection stares back, I am a mess
Of thoughts, confusion, heartache
I must confess

I thought him different, thought him kind
As we lay together intertwined,
His gentle words caressed my skin
Promises of love, of warmth of bliss
‘Tis my chagrin

I burn within as I perceive the lie
As I twist and turn inside wondering the why
I watch him kiss her in front of me
Holds her close and tight like he once did me
And my knees grow weak…I am too much a coward
To turn and flee

Instead I stare, taking it all in
Taking it hard right on the chin
Realizing I never, ever meant a thing
I was strung along, I was deceived,
Just a fling