Yesterday while I was sitting on the bus on my way back home I realized just how polluted the air waves have become. As if the noise of urban existence wasn’t enough, now we are subjected to having to listen to all manner of people as they chatter away into the receivers of assorted pocket communication devices. Sitting in front of me was a suit with a walkie talkie, next to him was a woman telling her friend all about her last date, in front of her was a womanizing, greasy corporate guy talking to his buddy about having to “please” their thirty something manager. The worst part of it is that when all these small communication devices go off they tend to do so in unison; one played Beethoven’s 5th, another pumped out the electronic chords of “In the Mood” and the third simply warned a call was coming through with that walkie talkie static. Unbelievable! This is of course not counting the endless number of pagers that go off, loudly warning: BEEP!BEEP!!BEEP!!!BEEP!!!!

AHHHH! Shut up! I don’t give a shit about your last date lady or whether or not he was cute, or if he has a dog, or if he drives this really great car! I don’t care to hear about your middle aged supervisor and how you “butter her bread.” Womanizing pig. This is out of control! What’s worse is that these people think they’re in a bubble when they’re on the phone. They are completely oblivious that there are others there…having to put up with their moronic exchanges. As far as I’m concerned they’re talking on my time…and I’m NOT interested.

These geeks on phones are everywhere broadcasting themselves, forcing you to take part, mainly because you cannot remove your ears. The problem with you people is that you just don’t get it. The rest of us are not interested in listening to your crap; we’re not interested in hearing about your webservers crashing, we’re not interested in your new promotion, or your new girlfriend or even what you did last night–so please, SPARE US cause we really don’t care! Oh, and guys…talking on your cell doesn’t help you pick up chicks so just forget about it. It doesn’t make you anything…it only makes you annoying to others. The cool factor may have existed like twenty years ago when cell phones were the size of car batteries. Stupids!


Yesterday I finished another Trinity illustration (Corporate Bureaucrat). I don’t like this card as much as the others, but everyone in the future can’t be perfect. I will upload it as soon as I get a chance. I’ve been having some connection trouble. There are a lot of movies coming out that I want to see. Looks like this is going to be a fun filled summer for film fans. Lord of the Rings is coming out as well as the D&D movie. X men will be out shortly too. I saw Battlefield Earth and while it was fun I have to side with the critics on that one. Very campy…but it beats the Flinstones. Zak sent me a very cool drawing that I’ll scan and post one of these days. Anyway that’s all for now. I will probably write more later on. I’m a bit rushed right now.

[learn_more caption=”About Yukio Mishima”] Yukio Mishima (1925-1970), Japanese novelist, whose central theme is the dichotomy between traditional Japanese values and the spiritual barrenness of contemporary life. He was born in Tokyo. Among his novels are Confessions of a Mask (1949) and The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (1956). His four-volume epic The Sea of Fertility (1970) is about the transformation of Japan into a modern but sterile society. Mishima, who organized the Tatenokai, a society stressing physical fitness and the martial arts, committed ritual suicide. His death was regarded as his final protest against modern Japanese weakness. He is one of my favorite writers.[/learn_more]