Swizzle In, Swagger Out

The best fish and chips are definitely to be found at the Swizzle Inn. We stopped in twice for lunch. The whole place is covered from wall to wall with graffiti.  Magic marker, carvings, pen, pencil, chalk, everyone who walks in leaves their mark it seems. Every table and chair is carved.We are now packing, we need to switch rooms for one night before we go. It’s good bye pool house. This place was sweet. We cooked breakfast every morning and a few lunches and dinners as well which saved us money. It’s impossible to really explain how expensive food is in Bermuda. After a few days here you learn to appreciate produce prices back home. Two days ago I lost the wheel lock for the moped which is gonna cost us. The thing went flying off my basket and we couldn’t find it on the way back.

It’s funny listening to the news. A lost dog or cat makes the news. Some guy growing pot on his porch, a bar brawl. It’s so small time it’s pretty amusing. It’s like everyone knows each other. The island is like a small town. Rob is still obsessing about the lost cat by Spittle Pond. There are loose chickens and roosters skulking about. Hell, they have the run of the golf course. This morning it’s raining, pouring actually. We might take the rain slicker and walk around Hamilton for a bit. Not sure yet. We have to move out of the pool cottage by 10.

The picture above was taken at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. It used to be the US Naval Base but it’s been recently reopened as a sanctuary for marine life and birds. Clear Water Beach lives up to it’s name. The water is calm, super clear and it’s deserted. Only a few locals head out to this beach and middle of the week we had it to ourselves. We put our fins and masks on and swam to the nearby island lingering along the rocks. We saw such an amazing display! It was like being in an aquarium. The water is so clean you get anemones right off the shore. We found an impressive assortment of fish, crabs, urchins, unusual shells and coral. There is so much going on under and near the rocks! This was a good find.

Last night we ate at a place called “The Mad Hatter” it was kind of an event money wise and the locale was totally difficult to find. We circled and circled around the “Robin Hood” pub until I finally broke down and asked a local. Where is this place?!!! Apparently even the locals have a rough time finding this restaurant. The food was outstanding and we had a bottle very tasty Pinot Noir. One of the charms of the place, aside from the great chow, is that there are hats hanging from every inch of wall. Throughout dinner guests can be seen impersonating damsels in distress, cowboys and Indians, sultans, pirates, pimps and more. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme and one of the coolest things was everything is sort of served in tea pots. For example our wild mushroom soup came in a tea cup, the broth was poured out of a tea pot and the creamer was sweet coconut milk. Pretty nifty.

We kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t pour and as luck would have it the rain was just ending on the way back. Earlier during the day as I drove through puddles my engine stalled which was pretty dicey. In Bermuda you drive on the left. It’s pretty hilly and the roads have a myriad of sharp bends and blind corners. Staying alert is very important but riding around on two wheels is part of the fun of the island in my opinion.

The nights we stayed in we watched the two seasons of HBO’s Rome. I rather enjoyed it. Too bad they canceled the show after the second season. My favorite character of course is Titus Pullo even though he’s a crazy bastard. He’s passionate and loyal with the morality of a pirate. The sets and costuming for this show were just amazing. Hopefully the network will consider making a movie to finish off the series. It’d be a shame to leave it unfinished. Great characters, lots of bloodshed and debauchery. Let’s face it Romans make for great Television!