Totally and utterly bored

Distracted. Sleepy. Bored. The clock ticks slowly by and I feel my sanity slipping. My mind is not at the job, it’s elsewhere, possibly in the gutter. My computer chugs along and it’s so slow it saps all my energy. Opening files, saving files, everything is a gigantic chore that I just don’t want to do. I sit here and rock back and forth in my chair, wondering when this piece of crap will be replaced. On the positive side this machine has never left me stranded in color wheel hell. It has never frozen or otherwise lost my work. Knock on wood.

I don’t feel any particular shade of anything at the moment. I’m a blank slate for the world to paint on. I wish it would. My mind wanders off to “Child on Board” window decals and I wonder who invented that. Are they now retired on a private island? Brain is all over the place, buzzing. Lighting here, then there, sparking useless synapses of fluffery! Yes that’s not even a word! I’ve just made that up. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m horribly bored, in fact, I can’t remember when I was more bored! Days crash into one another. I just noticed I started this blog last year! A whole year has passed and what have I accomplished? Not much to say for myself.

Same man, same job, five pounds heavier. That sucks. I might be bordering on depressed right now. Ten to five and I can’t wait to go! Seriously. My ear is still bothering me from the dive and I haven’t even bothered to go to the doctor. To think I might be risking hearing loss and I’m just complacent. I was scared of type 1 DCS on Monday. Both my hands were numb and it hurt to breathe real deep. Kind of freaked me out.

Today I discovered an RSS reader as part of Google. I mean, I knew about RSS and feeds I just never bothered to actually subscribe to any much preferring to go to the actual site and read. It’s gotten to the point though that throughout my day I don’t have time to hop around from one site to the other so the reader makes it easy. Sometimes I tend to be so behind trends! I should really embrace much more of this considering the industry that I’m in but I guess I can’t be bothered. I deleted Facebook, absolutely abhor twitter and just recently (as of a year) started blogging in the traditional sense. Updating HTML manually is just so time consuming, it’s not worth it.

5:11! Thank the gods all mighty. I need to flee!