Where the hell have I been

I’ve been missing that much is true. I have actually been writing elsewhere and occupying my time with life so I have experienced a sort of pause on my site. It isn’t as compelling to write when everyone knows it’s me. That is hard to explain I suppose but true. Some things have changed in significant ways. I am most certainly getting married so wedding planning is occupying my time. Some friends have come and gone. I have quit gaming at least for now and I’m generally very happy. I am also blogging secretly elsewhere. If you find me great, if not it’s great too. I have begun to drop off the “web” and canceled some accounts and started up other sites online under various names. I am slowly disappearing! Oh NO!

Creatively I am writing two novels which I’m very excited about. One is horror the other fantasy. I am writing for the love and with no great hopes of getting published although I think the work has merit. We shall see. My expectations for the moment are very reasonable.

Ah yes, the wedding. The big day comes at the end of August and for all of you that know me I can’t make up my mind as to where to travel. Egypt or Mallorca or… hmm yeah.

I am annoyed at life with this oil spill. It needs to end. I think we can all agree on that. Slowly I might make my way back to this space you never know.