Wish Granted!

Where to begin? Since I’m always trying to interpret my dreams…here goes…

Wednesday, August 6th, I went to my parent’s house for a visit as I mentioned in a previous entry. I wanted to see them before I left on vacation. Anyway while there my brother gave me a set of silverware from circa 1900’s. He was going to sell it but seeing how excited I got over them he gives them to me as a gift. They are these gorgeous utensils with baroque filigree…and then I notice the letter “G” engraved on the handle. Jokingly I tell my brother, “These will be perfect cause my name will be Glanzman soon.” We got a good laugh out of it.

Fast forward a bit. I go home Wednesday night and I tell Rob about the silverware and how they are engraved “G” after his last name. I finish some stuff up on the computer and go to bed.  That night I have a pretty interesting dream about fairies and a glimmering ring and a door of light…and a key… (Read about it here). On Thursday morning I tell Rob about my amazing dream in detail which stays with me the rest of the day. I manage to jot it down in the blog before heading home.

On Thursday as has been customary before our vacations we had made reservations to Cafe Matisse in Rutherford. It’s a cozy little place that feels magical. Velvet couches, petite glass chandeliers, walls reminiscent of Matisse paintings, a lovely garden and amazing food. I get home, shower and get dressed up. On the way home Rob had called and told me he had a surprise…not to go into the living room.

We got to the restaurant and we did some wine tasting and purchased a very nice Sauturne for our mini cellar. We had brought some wine with  us that promised to be delicious. The host, graceful as usual, sat us in the garden refusing our request to sit inside. He was like, “Absolutely not, we only get these days once or twice a year.” He escorted us outside to the garden and sat us in the coziest table surrounded by wild flowers, vines and whimsical metal sculptures. Dinner was amazing as course after delicious course was brought out: Braised, orange-spiced short ribs, wild caught Atlantic salmon with port glaze, seared scallops with caramelized pineapples, and so on. Each new dish filled us with delight and the evening passed as we reminisced about the good times we had shared, about the places we’d seen together, about how important we were to each other. We were positively glowing as we sat there talking and sipping our wine, laughing and breathing a sigh of relief that vacation was near.

On the way out of the restaurant it started to drizzle. On the drive home I quizzed Rob about the “surprise” teasing him by asking if it was sweets. He knows how much I love sweets! He was very tight lipped about the whole thing. As I stepped through the front door he told me to close my eyes and he led my by my hand to the living room. I think that is around the time I realized that the surprise might be the painting he purchased back at the beginning of the year.

Rob had gone to California on business and had come across a gallery featuring an exhibit by Tim Cantor. He had fallen in love with a painting that was outside the window called The Outlying Fortune. After having returned he couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to inquire. Shortly after that he put the painting aside as he paid for it slowly over the next eight months. It was due to arrive in August so as I stood in my living room, eyes closed, I had a feeling the painting might be the big surprise…and it was…but there’s more…

Traditionally Tim Cantor writes a poem for each of his paintings. The Outlying Fortune, strangely enough, did not have a poetry counterpart. Upon having spoken to the artist’s wife, Rob assured her he was developing a special connection to this work and would be writing a poem about it’s special meaning.

When he told me to open my eyes I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty and intricate work that went into this painting. Layers upon layers of paint had to be carefully applied and mixed with gold leaf on panel to achieve it’s sheer perfection. The work looks lit from above but it’s not the light that gives it it’s glow it’s the inner light painted on the painting itself. It’s gorgeous. I stood there in awe. The frame surrounding the work is really grand, the whole thing has some serious presence. Rob then pointed out the small frame next to it. It was a poem, written by him in three parts. The first part was about the general meaning, the second part about the past and the last part about the future….

As I read the last line… “We are one” Rob tells me there is another line that is missing as he gets down on one knee and opens a box….and asks me “Will you marry me?”

I couldn’t quite grasp what was happening all at once. I stared into the ring just as I did in my dream. I was dazzled and in utter awe as he got up and put the ring on my finger.  I laughed and cried simultaneously and felt my knees grow weak. I can’t really express how wonderful it felt but suffice it to say it was one of the happiest days of my life! I really wasn’t expecting it. Finally he looks at me and asks me, “Is that a yes?” YES!!! Of course it ‘s a yes! YES! I held onto him for a long time as I tried to calm down.

Finally after a little while I caught my breath. He opened up a bottle of succulent Dolce and we sat down on the couch to talk. How did it happen? When did he decide? How did it all come together? We sat up talking about the details till the early hours of the morning. I called my parents to give them the news and got the inside story on how the plan had unfurled for the proposal. I felt like the luckiest woman alive!

Then of course…I thought of my strangely prophetic dream: The restaurant, the dazzling ring, the door of light…the words “you’ve earned this…” still echoing in my mind. The poem that Rob wrote echoes the themes in my dream as well…it’s difficult to describe all of the coincidences but is there such a thing? Later on he told me that after I told him about my dream he seriously thought someone had spilled the beans about the proposal and the ring.

The ring itself is beyond dazzling. It’s like the ring in my dream…except it’s real. Teasingly I told him that it was as large and as brilliant as my patience. We both laughed. I didn’t realize how negative I had become. Internalizing all of my feelings had taken it’s toll on me. It was something I did worry about and wondered  about. I didn’t know if it would ever happen. When he put that ring on my finger it was as if a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. Like I could breathe again. I am so insanely happy that he finally came around. Like I’ve always said, never say never. I didn’t nag him about his desire not to marry for nearly eight years. I wanted this decision to come from inside him not out of desperation or pressure. We are awesome and I seriously couldn’t be happier. Yay!